Excerpt from The Change, Part III of Pandora's Promise

Somewhere in the distance a wild animal howled and Baby’s fur stood on end. Evvy shivered, glad for the shelter of the cave and the company of her pet. While the meat continued to cook, she decided to take advantage of the remaining light to examine more of the treasured documents in her bag.
Slowly, carefully, Evvy slid the brown paper envelope from the pile of paper scraps and opened it. Inside was a sheaf of thin paper, covered with writing of some sort. Her heart pounding, she pulled the top paper out of the pile and held it to the light. She recognized the spidery lines as handwriting, which she had learned how to read and create at the Garden. With difficulty, she began to read the faint words, so smudged they were nearly invisible. After a moment, she set the paper down in shock. This was a personal diary… a personal account from someone who had lived through the Change!

Quickly looking through the papers, Evvy saw that they appeared to be dated by day of the month. Although no year was given, she knew that the Change had taken place between eighty and ninety years ago, so this was ancient history—but history that very much affected every aspect of her present.

She set the papers aside to eat some of the roasted rabbit, which filled her belly for the first time in several days. Though it was now beginning to grow dark, and she was tired and ready for sleep, she returned to the papers, thinking to read just a bit of this miraculously preserved artifact from the past.
January 20. I don’t have much time to write, but I feel I need to leave a record in case something happens and we don’t make it. It feels odd to write by hand, in pencil, on old-fashioned paper, but I have an eerie feeling that my words on the webz will disappear if what I think is happening actually comes to pass.
The webz? Evvy had no idea what the writer was talking about, but it seemed obvious to her that unfathomable numbers of written words from the time of the Change had indeed disappeared forever. How lucky that this writer had decided to leave a record that could be interpreted!

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