Friday, April 27, 2012

Me and Zach*

I have signed up for a blogathon challenge.  This will involve blogging every day for a month, starting May 1 and ending on May 31.  I am doing this partly because of Kindle KDP, in which I have some books enrolled.  These are my first conventionally-published science fiction novel, Pandora's Genes, Pandora's Children (which is not enrolled), and The Ptorrigan Lode, a novella that was never previously published.  I have also enrolled Going to See Grassy Ella, my favorite of my children's books.

If you enroll a book exclusively in KDP, you are allowed five promotions (making the book available for free) per quarter. This has been demonstrated to lead to increased sales.  I have offered Pandora’s Genes for free three times, and have given away probably 4000 copies.  As for sales, so far I have sold several dozen copies of the book.  But the interesting thing is that one to three weeks after each promotion I sell more copies of Pandora's Children then of the original book.  It seems clear that people who have read the first book want to find out what happens next.  So my plan is to now write the third novel in the series, which I have been thinking about for many years.

The writing of the first two Pandora’s books, and my progress on the third book, will be the main subjects of my blog posts during the Blogathon.

*Zach is one of the three main characters in the Pandora’s books.