Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ptorrigan Lode FAQ’s

The Ptorrigan Lode spent several years in my head before it became a story. Here are quick ptorrigan lode cover2 (1)answers to the questions I've most often been asked about this work. Please feel free to ask more questions here or in the main part of the blog.

Why do women wear chadors OnStation?
Actually, only the women who work there wear chadors. It is my observation that corporatist societies are extremely misogynistic, and that will not change by the time in the future when Ptorrigan takes place. Notice there are likewise no women pilots, and that Von can have a "trophy" wife, who, like most visiting women from earth, dresses "immodestly."

Do you plan to write a sequel?
At present, I have no definite plans for a sequel, or a prequel, both of which I have been urged to create. I do have some ideas for both of them, or perhaps for doing one large novel incorporating the "before" and "after." Please let me know what you think, and stay tuned.

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