Saturday, February 25, 2012

Me, as a writer

My first book, RUNNING FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY,  is my favorite of all my nonfiction books. It was the first mass market book on running (early seventies), and many at the time credited me with helping to start the fitness boom. I followed up with GETTING STRONG, the first-ever book on weight training for women. I went on to write on other health-related topics, eventually branching out into diet, nutrition, and sexuality. I wrote books with other people and for other people, sometimes under an assumed name.

Always, I came back to fiction, and finally began to publish that as well, first as one of many anonymous writers for some YA series and then my own books, some under the name Lynn Beach (the “Phantom Valley” series). For me the real breakthrough came with the publication of my first adult sf novel, PANDORA’S GENES, and later my first hardcover YA book, under my own name, GOING TO SEE GRASSY ELLA. Together with the Running book, Pandora’s Genes and Grassy Ella are my favorites of all my books. I’ll have more to say about each of these in future posts. Please feel free to comment here or ask questions, which I promise to answer.

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