Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29. The Future of this Blog

With today’s post I have nearly completed the 31-day WordCount Blogathon challenge. I’ve enjoyed writing these posts and I’m glad I entered the blogathon. But I need to devote more of my energy to writing the third book in the Pandora’s series.

From now on I will post here regularly, but probably only once or twice a week. One post will always be on Wednesday. I’m not sure about the second post, and welcome suggestions.

Here are some of the topics I intend to discuss:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Motivation
  • How to get readers on your protagonist’s side
  • How and when to begin a story
  • What is voice?
  • More advice from my mentor

Please feel free to suggest other topics you would like to see addressed.

BookcoversA 5-19-2012 2-33-34 PM 5120x2880

I also want to spiff up the look of this blog. I’m thinking of including this collage of some of my books covers  in the header. What do you think?

Tomorrow: How I sold and revised Pandora’s Genes.


  1. Sure -- why not? It's certainly an eclectic bunch of books!

  2. I love the word "eclectic." I like the way the books look--all different colors. An eclectic mix of colors, if you will.

  3. Not enough words today. Love the eclectic collage.

  4. As many words as I could manage. I got a repetitive stress injury and can barely use my left arm.